A computer-based collection, scoring, and reporting system that will enable users to track behavioural progress over time

BASC-3 Flex Monitor is a new, flexible way to monitor changes in behaviour and emotional functioning. It enables psychologists and professionals in school or clinical environments to monitor and track the effects of behavioural intervention plans. 

The BASC-3 Flex Monitor provides a complete picture of child behaviour by applying a triangulation method for gathering information.

Age range

  • 2 years to 18 years 11 months (Teacher and Parent); 
  • 8 years to 18 years 11 months (Self-Report)


      • Analyze from three perspectives — self, teacher, and parent — using a comprehensive set of rating scales and forms.
      • Monitor and track the progress of behaviour intervention plans.
      • Promote the involvement of teachers, parents, and students in addressing behavioural and emotional concerns.