Understand the emotions and behaviours of children and adolescents

The Behavior Assessment System for Children (BASC) can help children thrive in their school and home environments.

The BASC holds an exceptional track record for providing a complete picture of a child’s behaviour by applying a triangulation method for gathering information. BASC-3 uses a comprehensive set of rating scales and forms to provide a complete picture of a child's or adolescent’s behaviour and emotions.

Age range

  • 2 years to 21 years 11 months (Teacher Rating Scales and Parent Rating Scales); 
  • 6 years through college age (Self-Report of Personality)


  • Differentiate between hyperactivity and attention problems.
  • Identify behaviour problems as required by IDEA, and for developing FBAs, BIPs, and IEPs.
  • Strong base of theory and research gives a thorough set of highly interpretable scales.